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Digital Flying Alarm Clock

Item Description:
1)Time display 2)Alarm function 3)Novel Design

Item Function: 
1)Displays AM or PM.;Digital time display;Makes take off sounds;Can fly around the room.
2)Big LCD screen for easy reading;Flying helicopter propeller design,A fantastic item to wake you up easily.
With snooze function, blue background lighting.,Propeller rotates quickly when the alarm rings.
3)Start with a dedicated switch can be manually operated to play free flight, set free to adjust the time and date.
4)Just put the helicoptor on the base, and press the "FLY" key for a short while then release it, the helicopter will fly up in front of you, fantastic!Power: 5 x AA Batteries(NOT Included) Porduct Size : 14.5*14.5*16cm

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