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Item Description:

1)Multistage single handle, easy to pull up and retract.
2)Strong aluminum frame, lighter, more stable and not easily deformed.
3)Advanced PC material features waterproof, impact resistant, lightness and environment friendly.
4) No  button handle, reinforced polygonal aluminum tube+built-in sensor integrated, solid and tough.
5) The surronding led brathing light indicates the status of suitcase lock through color changment.
6) Double row of  universal mute wheels possess excellent wear resistance damping capacity and uniform 
dispersion of pressure.
7) Zippered mesh cloths are equipped inside the suitcase with exquisite craft , items can be placed orderly.
8)Hardware intelligent system occupies only 6% of the interior space, but it brings 100% powerful experience.
9)Modular integrated  base design.

Item Function:
1)Robotic Suitcase keeps following you autonomously and subvert your travel experience.
2)Innovative somatosensory bracelet provides you and your suitcase  with a distinctive interaction experience.
3)CO-SMART intelligent lock+charge on the move solve hassles of travel.
4) Distance alarm system subvert enhances your travel security.
5)Machine vision AI technology makes it possible to identify the owner instantly and start following.
6)Precise positioning within 10cm*, refresh the location information 20 times per second.
7)3D Environment perceptive Technology carring the lidar technology, construct  three-dimensional environmental data in real time.
8)Multi-terrain adaptive dynamical system design to follow steadily on various terrains.
9) Innovative somatosensory bracelet breathing vibration reminder and proximity sensor.

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