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Sunrise Alarm Clock

Item Description:
2)Output: DC5V 1A
3)Input: 100-240V AC
4)Radio Frequency: 88-108 MHz

Item Function: 
SMART FEATURES AND TAP-TO-SNOOZE FUNCTION : With intuitive and easy-to-use touch keys, it is very easy and comfortable to set time, alarm, light, radio stations, and operate all kind of function. The snooze mode will automatically enter once you gently touched it during wake-up sound playing and it will give you extra 5 minutes to sleep. This dimmable and durable wake-up light is designed with non-slip aluminum feet, keeping it to securely stand on your side table

2)SUNRISE AND SUNSET SIMULATION : Wake up naturally with a gradual increase in brightness from 1-100% over a desired amount of time.The light gradually brightens until it's time for you to wake up. Your body will feel rested and refreshed, as though you really were waking up with the sunrise. The sunset feature works in reverse and gradually darkens the room. Use this option at night, great for your kids or toddlers who are afraid of the dark and need the solace of a lighted room in order to sleep.

3) 6 VIBRANT COLORS WITH ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS SETTING: This lightweight with modern compact design alarm clocks can act as an atmosphere lamp that includes green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo for your preferences. You can set the color light to auto converse one by one, or just choose a loved color stand to beam your bedroom. Can also work as a table lamp with 10 adjustable brightness settings in warm and more dimmer light mode to protect your eyes while reading or relaxing at night 

4)MULTIPLE SOUND ALARMS AND FM RADIO :This cute programmable and non ticking sleep sound machine that displays large numbers also plays 6 various soothing natural sounds, such as birds, forests, sea waves, etc that you can wake up along with sunlight. Also, you can set your favorite FM radio channel to play and replace your device's pre-set alarm sound. You can even relax first if you don't want to get off of bed when the alarm goes off by listening to your favorite radio channel.
5)USB CHARGING WITH BACKUP BATTERY :  it can be easily charged via its USB port or power jack adapter. It also features a backup battery to avoid resetting the time when the cord gets disconnected. And to clean this cool white alarm clock, simply wipe with damp soft cloth.


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